Date: May,23 2009 Tags: Gagaholic Cock Gagging Gag Deepthroat Blonde Sluts Tattoo
This blondie is a real gagaholic, she is is completely crazy about having a hard long cock deep into her throat. I know it hurts and most of the girls that do it are just stupid enough to get into it and the pleasure is mainly for the man, but this one really loves it! If you don't believe me just see this gallery where she is gagging and deepthroating a hunk tattooed guy with big hard cock. You can tell the difference when the girl is pushed and when she just loves it!

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Date: Jul,17 2009 Tags: Tricia Rae Throatfuck Deepthroat Blowjob Oral Sex Blonde Babes
Tricia Rae is a busty babe with nice round ass and a mouth with never ending cock hunger. She likes them big and hard to be inside her mouth and deep in her throat. No matter what the size is she can take it all with the balls included. There is no need to push your cock in her mouth with force, she will take it deep in the throat like a good bitch and will swallow every drop of cum!

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Tricia Rae gives her throat for a hard fuck
Sexy babe Tricia Rae gets her throat fucked hard

Date: Nov,28 2009 Tags: Riley Ray Mouth Blowjob Suck Cock Oral Sex Blonde
Riley Ray is sexy blonde that likes to have fun and what can beat a huge fat cock in the mouth and throat! She takes the whole thing like the slut she is! The head, the balls, she licks every single inch of this fat cock and then takes it deep in her mouth till the bottom. She really knows how to treat cock and how to make it cum directly in her throat!

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Date: Apr,20 2009 Tags: Black Cock Iterracial Oral Sex Gag Gagging Deepthroat Blonde Slut
This blonde slut is just crazy about gagging on big hard cocks. I think this time she got one that is too big even for her trained slutty throat! She got to gag on a big black cock that is large enough to go to her stomach. She opened her mouth and the guy stick his hard tool till his balls touched her lips.

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Date: Aug,3 2009 Tags: Cock Gagging Gag Deepthroat Mouthfuck Oral Sex Blonde Girls Amateur
Tyler is a ordinary girl that likes to gag on cock. She has nice firm body and well shaped tits. One of the things that makes her special is the fact that she really likes to gag on hard cock and gets her throat fucked hard and deep. You can see her in cock gagging action in the gallery below. She takes this whole cock in her mouth like a good bitch and opens her throat wide to get fucked extremely rough.

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Pretty blonde deepthroats cock with passion
Sexy blonde gagging on hard cock with passion

Date: Apr,30 2009 Tags: Cock Gagging Gag Deep Throat Oral Sex Blonde Amateur Slut Lingerie
What we have here today is a sexy amateur slut in see trough lingerie that got to gag on a big hard cock. She licked the head first to make the dick as hard and long as possible and then open her mouth wide to take the cock deep inside her throat. The guy didn't last for long, but how can you blame him, if you have one of those sluts gaging on your cock I doubt you'll be able to hold it more!

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Date: Jun,7 2009 Tags: Cock Gagging Gag Deep Throat Deepthroat Oral Sex Sucking Blonde Girl
This blonde girl was stupid enough to gag on a hard cock. She thought that it's gonna be fun, but that was so wrong. Ones the guy started to push his cock deep in her throat she wanted it was so painful that her tiers raised and she wanted to stop it, but as you know the fun ends only when the guy say so!

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Date: Jun,22 2009 Tags: Blonde Girl Wife Sucking Oral Sex Cock Gagging Gag Backyard Outdoor
This blonde girl knows her role. She was in the backyard doing some housework when her husband stepped next to her and opened his pants. Like I said she knows her role and like a good wife took his dick out and start to suck. She was licking his balls and gagging on his cock till he cum over her tits.

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Date: Jul,1 2009 Tags: Curly Blonde Girl Cock Gagging Gag Deep Throat Throatfuck Lessons
This curly blondie never had a chance to gag on a cock. She was quite exited about it and wanted to learn what deepthroating and gagging is all about. Well she got her lesson, nice and hard! She start licking and sucking the guy's cock thinking that it's quite fun, but then he took her head in his hands and pushed his dick inside her throat till his balls reached the mouth. At that moment she realized how painful it is but was too late cause the guy proceed to fuck her throat till his cock exploded inside.

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Date: Jul,16 2009 Tags: Blonde Girlfriend Girl Sucking Blowjob Oral Sex Deepthroat Garden Outdoor
That's what I call a trained girlfriend! The only thing her man has to do is to step next to her and she know what to do. Like in the following photo gallery, she is in the garden giving her man a nice deep throating blowjob on her knees. She rubs the dick in her boobs and gags till he fires his cumload over her face and boobs.

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